Recognizing a Natural Butylene Glycol: Brontide

At Viachem, we strive to highlight and promote natural and sustainable product offerings to customers across the nation. This month, we’d like to recognize Brontide, a natural ingredient taking the market by storm.

Brontide is a naturally derived, pure butylene glycol extracted from a sustainable and renewable sugar fermentation process. This product is proven to be ideal for personal care manufacturers seeking a way to develop new, natural products, or looking to reformulate existing products with a natural alternative to petroleum-based butylene glycol.

This ingredient stands apart from others in that it seamlessly integrates into personal care formulations, delivering only superior quality. Brontide allows current users of butylene glycol to switch from a petroleum-based product to a natural sustainable offering. Not only does Brontide provide customers with a clean solution to their butylene glycol needs, but with its sustainable characteristics, it allows for a smooth and easy transition of products.

Brontide primarily aids the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry, with skin care being the main personal care application. This ingredient is a perfect addition to botanical extracts where it acts as a solvent, and it can be added to color cosmetics and hair care as a humectant.

When you choose Viachem to be your sole Brontide distributor, our degreed and experienced sales team works with you to formulate Brontide into products. Our sales method is unique in that we don’t just focus on making a sale, but we ensure our customers are incorporating ingredients that result in long-lasting benefits.

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