Amp Up Essential Oil Formulations With Triethyl Citrate

As natural and holistic healthcare practices gain popularity across the globe, essential oil use has escalated. Consumers are searching for the best-smelling, safest and most therapeutic options in an effort to treat ailments such as chronic headaches, fatigue, stress and anxiety. 

Though there isn’t enough research to determine all effects essential oils have on human health, clinical trials have examined their effectiveness in alleviating conditions such as anxiety, depression, nausea, insomnia and low appetite. One Johns Hopkins’ study revealed that certain essential oils could kill a type of Lyme bacteria better than traditional antibiotics. Many healthcare professionals advocate that when used in a safe way, essential oils can have a positive impact on your health.

Essential oils are plant extracts created by pressing flowers, bark, leaves, roots and other plant parts to extract compounds that produce a powerful fragrance. Oils differ in quality depending on how they are processed. Some oils are pure, while others are diluted with various ingredients such as water, coconut oil, or vegetable oil. 

While one may assume pure oils are the best quality, essential oil formulations used in cosmetics or skincare regimens require additional ingredients so the oil is safe to use. Pure essential oils are highly potent and can cause intense skin reactions when not used or diluted correctly. Therefore, the best essential oil formulations include all-natural, safe ingredients that act as a carrier oil to avoid skin reactions from receiving a highly-concentrated dose.

This is where Triethyl Citrate comes in. One of the many applications for Triethyl Citrate is to bolster essential oil formulations. This premier ingredient helps essential oils blend together and is a safe, green additive instead of one that is neither environmentally friendly nor safe to use, such as phthalates or other synthetic chemicals. Because of its mild properties, Triethyl Citrate causes no irritation to the skin or other sensitizing effects and has many cosmetic and food applications.

Viachem is proud to offer Sucroplast TEC, a phthalate-free, non-GMO, USDA natural Triethyl Citrate. It’s an environmentally friendly plasticizer for cellulose derivatives and natural resins. Triethyl Citrate’s low toxicity profile and non-GMO status make it especially desirable in our market and a valuable addition to clean-label conscious products at a lower cost. 

Interested in the best all-natural addition for your essential oil formulations and beyond? Contact us today at [email protected] or give us a call at 972-435-6404 and get more information and samples of Sucroplast TEC. Our team of degreed technical sales specialists can help you find the ingredient that best fits your company’s needs.

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