7 Ways to Lead the Specialty Chemical Industry

As a leading distributor in the competitive specialty chemical, food additive and ingredient industry, our track record speaks for itself. With our award-winning electronic lead-generation and internet marketing system paired with a powerful customized customer relationship management system, we are revolutionizing the distribution process for our producer partners across the globe.

We have the opportunity to partner with the best manufacturers and producers of specialty chemicals around the world. Here are the top 7 reasons they choose Viachem as their specialty chemical distributor: 

  1. Digital Marketing –– We’re unlike any other distribution company in our area thanks to our uniquely-tailored marketing strategies that strengthen our partner’s market position, including increasing product sales across social media.
  2. Single Point of Contact –– Our strategic partnerships are built on relationships. Each of our producer partners has one dedicated contact that offers around-the-clock support and unmatched customer service. That designated technical sales specialist will be available to answer any questions and streamline the distribution process. 
  3. Complete Transparency –– We offer complete visibility on all market qualification and sales activity in an easy-to-use online dashboard. By seamlessly complementing your direct sales force or other sales channels, we provide an additional optimized and transparent channel-to-market. 
  4. Efficient Sample Process –– We help get your product to customers faster through our sample process. We guarantee quick turnarounds for customers, ensuring your chemical offerings have the best chance of selling. 
  5. Proprietary Market Research –– We help our strategic partners achieve rapid growth by using multiple in-house databases to identify potential end-use customers including providing access to under-served markets. We locate more than 80 percent of potential end-use customers in the USA and Canada. 
  6. We Sell your Products Daily –– Our technical sales specialists sell your product making 25 to 30 calls per day in order to help rapidly grow your tier 2 and 3 market share. 
  7. Degreed Technical Sales Specialists –– Our sales team has technical insight and high-level knowledge of chemistry, formulation and performance. They are highly specialized across their respective fields including in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care, paint and coatings industries. 

At Viachem, we’re changing the way producers achieve market success through distribution. Our unique sales process allows our producer partners to innovate and rapidly increase their market share. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today to learn more about what Viachem could help you achieve at [email protected].

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